Small Animal Surgery Referral Process

The Referral Process

The referral process is very simple. Your pet will initially be examined by your regular veterinarian who will assess their condition and make recommendations to you. Should the services of a registered specialist be required you have the option of taking your pet to a dedicated specialist referral centre or having the specialist come to your regular veterinary clinic to perform the procedure. Consulting Animal Specialists can provide dedicated qualified specialists to take special care of your pet close to home.

How it Works

After your regular vet has examined your pet and made a diagnosis regarding its condition they will offer you a consultation with the Specialist to confirm the diagnosis and further discuss your pet’s condition. If you are happy with your regular veterinarian’s assessment and communication, then you may decide to decline this consultation and proceed directly to the surgery. If you are at all uncertain about the surgery then a specialist consultation is strongly recommended.
Once a decision is made to proceed with surgery, we will contact your veterinary clinic with a tentative date and time. Your veterinary clinic is responsible for all billing and should be able to provide an estimate of costs for the procedure including anaesthesia, imaging and after care. Once surgery has been confirmed, a client consent form will be sent to your clinic outlining potential complications and anticipated success rates. The ‘Vet Form’ needs to be read , discussed and signed by you before we can proceed with the surgery.

Post Surgical Care

The specialist will contact you post surgery to update you on how the surgery went. Your regular veterinarian will continue to take care of your pet following the surgery. We will provide written aftercare instructions following every surgery and are happy to continue to give advice when necessary. We will also advise you if a follow up specialist consultation is required. Should a surgical complication occur we will continue to provide support to your regular veterinarian throughout the recovery phase and will remain actively involved with your pet if required.


Surgical Procedures

Specialist Consultations