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We are a Mobile Veterinary Service that brings the specialist to you. We differ from traditional specialist referral hospitals in that the specialist comes to your local veterinarian to consult and perform the necessary procedures on your pet. Your furry family member is therefore treated and cared for in a familiar environment close to home.
The Advantages of Using a Specialist
Your general veterinarian is a very knowledgeable and skilled individual who is trained to perform many general procedures. Some conditions however require additional specialist expertise and equipment in order to give your pet the best chance of a successful outcome.

Specialist veterinarians exist across many fields namely surgery, internal medicine, oncology, dermatology, diagnostic imaging etc. In order to be registered as an Australian specialist requires a minimum of 3 years additional veterinary training under the supervision of other specialists followed by successful completion of a rigorous examination process by a recognised governing body. This registration ensures that your pet is afforded the highest standard of care.